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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  March 7, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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mother saying she was leaving--but what has family and now the sheriff's office worried is who she and her son are with. this is a picture of 20- year-old kallie carnes and her young son grant--they were last seen on wednesday in south lebanon at their home on parkview driveerica baker is kallie's mother and grants grandmother says when she got home there was a note on the nightstand((erica baker/missing woman's mother)) "it basically said for me not to worry that they had to go that she needed to do this for her and try to get her crap straight and that she loved me and that she was sorry that i didn't get to say goodbye to grant."but baker is worried and so now is the warren county sheriff's office--today i spoke to major brian tinch ((maj. brian tinch/warren county sheriff's office)) "based on the fact that she's been missing for several days at this point she's not been heard from by family or friends this causes not only concern to them but also causes concern to the warren county sheriff's office."
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son maybe in the presence of josh craft who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault of grant and now has a no contact order with the child((sot))"we did confirm that there was a case that has been disposed of through lebanon municipal court from dec. of 2015 where the child was a victim in that case and mr. craft being responsible for it."harsher charges were possible but the records show that carnes didn't cooperate with the police and prosecutor's office and that makes it all the more important for baker to get her grandson back ((sot))"call the police. call the police and tell them where they're at. call us let us know that the baby's safe because right now the baby is our main priority." baker believes it is possible that the three are headed further south to tennessee or the carolina's where craft has a brother--so if you have any information that could help police--call crimestoppers at 513-352-3040--jay warren 9 on your side south lebanon and keep an eye out for this
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says carnes may be driving a white 2001 buick has an ohio license plate: g-m-k 52-33. new developments in the murder of middletown mother - brittany russell. curtis burdette is charged with killing russell.he is in jail on a one million dollar bond!he was in court today.he faces several counts including aggravated murder and felonious assault. burdette did not enter a plea - but is expected to be back in court one week from today. russell was found shot to death outside a dayton, ohio apartment building in february. russell's six-month-old daughter was in her vehicle with her. the baby is okay. a brand new development will prevent the sewer district in cincinnati from trucking around human waste to lower price hill. this stems from an incinerator that's shutting down on the east side. side.nine on your side tom's mckee is live in the east end with reaction to this new development. msd already trucks the sludge
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the little miami water reclamation plant to be burned. however, this incinerator will shut down march 21st because it can't meet epa air emission regulations.there had been fears that might mean more trucks sent to an incinerator 10 miles away, but that won't happen. terry traurig was hard at work monday grinding a part for a new door at jerry ernst auto body on eastern avenue.that's right across the street from the little miami plant and he knows when sludge-filed trucks come and go. go. "it already smells real bad when they do go by. i can't imagine it getting much worse." worse."the little miami incinerator burns sludge the consistency of pudding at a temperature of 1,400 degrees to turn it into ash particles, but it won't meet federal air emissions standards as of march 21st. 21st. "it's unbearable. after 10 years, it's like living on a pig farm. you get used to it." it."there were fears that the shutdown would mean trucking the sludge to the incinerator at the mill creek treatment plant in lower price hill. hill. "nobody wants this stuff in their neighborhoods or going through their cities and
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county and that's why we're trying to come up with a plan that addresses that -- and make sure that it's a hollistic, enterprise-wide system, and just affecting the city of cincinnati." msd director gerald checco says a brand new incinerator would cost ratepayers $120 million a year, so cheaper solutions are being sought. sought. "we can have a bio-aerebic disgester, which is the solution we propose that an investment of about $15 million and a total cost for $25 years of about $60 million." the epa is being asked to give msd a one-year exemption on shutting down the incinerator. instead, plans call for the sludge to be trucked to rumpke landfills instead of lower price hill. hill. "the environmental impact of having trucks on the road that too many people want -- especially in the lower price hiill where we have a big odor prolem so we don't need to add more odor to the problem." there's no word on whether the
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be in place for that to happen and msd leaders say they're working with the city on that. tom mckee, nine on your side, live in the east end. firefighters in mount airy rescued some not-so-average victims today. ten "ball pythons" were trapped inside this apartment on chesterfield court.turns out the aquarium they were in caught fire.a neighbor smelled the smoke and called 9-1-1.the snakes did survive - but other apartments there filled with smoke. 22:37:25-22:37:37"i could see but ... cc go to your apartment"the owner said he had rescued the snakes. unfortunatley he'll have to move out of the building if he wants to keep the snakes - because the apartment has a no pet policy. an ohio man and the father of an addict is facing charges after driving his daughter to drugs. police say 52-year-old jerry
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his 28-year-old daughter buy heroin.he told police his daughter was "becoming ill from the withdrawal."roberts' daughter was also arrested but she's been released.roberts is charged with suspicion of permitting drug abuse. back in the tri-state ... this man - jason kuss is accused of threatening to kill a woman with an ax.according to a witness - kuss said "i'm ready to kill somebody."kuss is being held on a five-thousand dollar bond.he's charged with aggravated menacing. in democracy 2016 - there are 15 republicans vying to represent the 8th congressional district in ohio. if you need help deciding who to vote for - there's a forum tonight to help you out. out.these candidates are hoping to fill john beohner's vacant seat in congress. tonight you will only hear from republican candidates. it's at 6:30 in parrish auditorium on the miami university hamilton campus. that's at 16-01 university boulevard. in total - there are 17 candidates in this race. a special general election will be held on june 7th.voters will decide who
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to the race for the presidency - democratic candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders remain in michigan tonight ahead of the democratic primary in that state. both candidates took on a tougher tone in last night's debate.sanders says tomorrow's primary will come down to voter turnout. :31 - :39"when there are large voter turnouts we do very very well. i'm very happy that over the last weekend we son three out of the four primaries." primaries."on the republican side - donald trump has a double digit lead on runner-up ted cruz ahead of tomorrow's vote. honoring a former first lady. at five - when the nation will recognize nancy reagan and her decades of work. a naked dancing woman ties up traffic!where police had to halt the morning rush - to get this woman off a big rig. "the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.chopper 9 taking a live look at the roads this evening.i'm dan carroll in
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tonight we have new information in the shooting at madison high school. school.the school says that later this week... there will be two forums for students and parents.the meetings are aimed
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feeling okay about returning to the classroom.they are planned for wednesday and thursday week ago... police say austin hancock opened fire in the school's lunchroom.four people were hurt... and are all expected to recover. tonight - the nation is mourning the loss of former first lady nancy reagan. reagan.she died over the weekend in her los angeles home of congestive heart - we learned a private funeral is set for friday.she will lie in repose on wednesday and thursday at the reagan presidential library in simi valley. she was 94-years-old. fired up over mold! mold!it's advertised as a healthy snack - but this is what parents keep finding.what you need to know before handing it over to you kids. dancing naked on the highway. it's about the strangest thing you could encounter while driving.what witnesses were thinking as this woman climbed on a big rig in her birthday suit. your seven day forecast is
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost approximately $180 for 10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials
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valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. you're watching 9 on your side at 5 new at five - we're on your side with a warning for every parent.a seemingly healthy snack is under fire because many parents are finding mold. mold.take a look - these are photos posted on facebook. we're talking about go-go squeez applesauce pouches.the product is under its second recall in less than six months. the company says the applesauce is made from 100- percent real fruit and is free of many allergens.but parents
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finding mold! sometimes after kids are done eating it. no illnesses have been reported. for specific information about what products are recalled: dates, flavors and sizes - visit " slash seen on nine." we've posted a link to the company's "frequently asked questions" page. you just can't make it up. police in houston were called to the scene of a crash. but when they got there - a woman was on top of this truck - dancing naked.witnesses say she undressed and climbed up an 18-wheeler in the middle of a highway.other drivers were just baffled. :27 - :31"i don't know. we just -- people just started clamming together. we didn't know what to think." think."police say the woman was taken to the hospital for treatment. peyton manning is officially out of the game. the super bowl winning
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awaited announcement that he is retiring from professional football.peyton spent 18 years in the game - playing for the indianapolis colts and most recently the denver broncos. with five m-v-p trophies and two super-bowl wins - many football experts and fans consider peyton to be one of the greatest players in the game's history.
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only into the low 50s. wednesday, expect another warm day with highs in the low 70s. some spots may be warmer. winds will gust over 20 mph. an isolated shower or storm is possible. better rain chances arrive thursday as a cold front pushes towards the tri- state. highs will cool into the 60s, but still stay well above average for this time of
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the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first in the's dan carroll in chopper 9. "the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.chopper 9 taking a live look at the roads this evening.i'm dan carroll in chopper 9."
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one of you kids' favorites foods. foods.we're on your side with what to watch out for. for.and a common disease preventing you from getting pregnant.we'll tell you the major roadblock for some women going though fertility treatment. and swapping the unhealthy for the nutty.why nuts and peanut butter could be the keys to finally losing weight. new at 5:30... a tri state family tried to see the circus over the weekend....only to find their exact tickets had been sold to another family! consumer reporter john matarese is on your side helping out....and he has a
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tonight in healthy living - another roadblock for some woman unable to conceive children naturally. women with asthma who are undergoing fertility treatment may find it takes longer for the treatment to work. in a new danish study - it took women with asthma about four years longer to get pregnant compared to women without asthma. doctors say women with asthma - who also want to be mothers should consider taking proactive steps to get pregnant - starting at an earlier age. two foods could be the difference between obesity and a healthy weight. a team from the university of houston says people who eat nuts and peanut butter regularly are less likely to
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disease. in the study - the team had middle school students swap out unhealthy snacks for peanuts for about twelve weeks. at the end - the kids who ate the peanuts had a lower body mass index than those who stuck to other snacks. and a warning tonight before serving up frozen chicken nuggets to your kids. kids.perdue foods is recalling about 45-hundred pounds of "apple-gate naturals chicken nuggets" because they could contain pieces of plastic.this product was shipped to indiana stores - so this recall could affect you.these are the dates to look for: the nuggets were produced on september 28th of has a "best before date" of september 27th of 2016. a couple says their puppy was attacked at the park...and tonight we're hearing from a person who saw it happen. anchor julie dolan has more on that story -- new at five-30. a fellow dog owner says he saw it all... all...both he *and* a vet say
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dogs.hear their word of warning to pet owners. days of silence...a practice lawmakers want to see end -- when it comes to questioning police officers after's a story we've seen play out in the tri-state. tonight -- what's happening in washington to to bring you wendy' s north pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this... on boats like these... all the way up here... like this... like this... s light, crispy and crunchy.
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most buns just hope to keep a hamburger together. but the new bun on a dave' s double brings a hamburger together. the perfect ratio of bun, to beef to toppings to...other bun. that' s the key. to the hamburger harmony of a deliciously different dave' s double. tonight -- witnesses are coming forward in an alleged dog attack at sharon woods. woods.the owners of a 13-week-old puppy say they went to the vet after another dog bit theirs.but as nine on your side's scott wegener shows us -- experienced handlers say the fault doesn't lie with the dogs. if you have one, you know.dogs love going for walks. walks. and a popular place for dogs and their owners is sharon woods park."we come down here a lot."but sometimes, things don't go so well."it's okay." brad sweeney and allison cole bring their 13 week old puppy home from the vet after an
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dog."the dog locked on to her face.""and then as the dog moves, she's in his mouth, moving.""so it just kept ripping."sweeney says he ended it."i had to literally punch the dog in the face."steve bowermaster saw the whole thing and says what happened was not either dogs' fault. "the dog didn't attack. the dog's area was invaded."even though both animals were on a leash, he says the owners let the dogs get too close without knowing how they'd react."the small puppy crossed the center line and went over to the mastiff and started sniffing him. the mastiff didn't like it, bit him in the lip.""if people let their dog come up to you, you would assume they're friendly."bowermaster walks his eight year old rottweiler brutus at the park all the time."my dog enjoys meeting other dogs. but just like this; the proper stance to take your dog up here, is there's tension on that leash." leash." veterinarian and dog trainer


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